January is so very nearly over, a very long month for all, there are few that will miss it once we arrive in February! Not sure about you, but we have been thinking of ways to recapture our perky, energised and motivated best selves – and it is underway – watch out world.

We’ve pulled together some top tips on getting out of a possible funk and getting back on track!

Decide what motivation actually means to you

It means such different things to different people – are we talking world domination, making three exercise classes in a week, or getting up and dressed on a Monday morning? Decide what it means to you and finalise the details in your head to get started.

Start small

Building momentum with smaller and possibly easier tasks can be a really good way of getting going again. Clear out your emails, recycle the unneeded paperwork in your in-tray, reply to those emails that require some consideration or time you have been putting off. Being able to put ticks by, x’s beside, or lines through tasks on your to-do list is liberating and will help to propel you further into getting things done.

It’s not all about the feels

Feeling like doing something is not necessary or required to actually go about doing things, we all do things each and every day without feeling like we want to – getting up on time for work, paying our taxes and bills – so don’t believe that you need to feel motivated before doing things you want to change or get underway!

I like to move it, move it

The additional stretch of light in the mornings and evenings is already visible, and although the weather (hello waterfall Wednesday last week!) will on occasion make you think otherwise, getting out and exercising or moving, not to mention the hit of fresh air, is amazing on all levels. It is good for body and mind. Do it alone, do it with your partner or a friend, bring your dog for a walk – whatever works for you – just do it!

Be nice to yourself

Think about and speak to yourself in the same compassionate way you would to a loved one or colleague. You wouldn’t rant and rave about not getting things done, or beat them over the head for not going to the gym. What you would do is find a way of speaking about it that helps, makes them want to do it and find good habits and motivation for themselves. It works, honestly!


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Image sourced from Pixabay.