Here at Approach, we’re a team of dog lovers! Not only is Approach Towers home to two of Ilkley’s finest pooches (Constance and Freddie) but our account executive Rebekha uses her CSR hours to volunteer at Moorview Rescue – walking rescue dogs through the Yorkshire Dales and socialising with them in the cuddle room (yes really!). We’re waiting for her to bring office dog no.3 through the doors.

In honour of National Dog Day tomorrow, we’re blogging to celebrate all breeds, pure and mixed, while highlighting the need for fur-ever homes for those pooches who have unfortunately found themselves at a rescue centre.

On 26 August, a BIG thank you must be given to Moorview Rescue and rescue centres alike for the brilliant work they do. With approximately 3.9 million dogs entering animal shelters nationwide every year and a lack of funding support, these centres work extremely hard to save, rehabilitate and rehome dogs, who without them would find themselves at the pound.

On National Dog Day, we’d like you to consider whether you could offer a home to a four-legged friend, whether you could become a foster family for your local shelter or perhaps you want to follow in the footsteps of Rebekha and donate your time to support a rescue centre through fundraising or working with the dogs to get them ready for their new home.

A dog is for life and in many offices, great for the workplace too. Furry companions have been found to increase productivity, reduce stress and encourage healthy lifestyles in businesses.

Constance and Freddie

Find us on social media to follow the daily activities of our two fluffy friends – intrinsic to the day-to-day running of Approach Towers, keeping the team motivated and inspired by their cuteness.

Image sourced from Public Domain Pictures.