As social media obsessives, a new feature is music to our ears. Last week Instagram, which has more than 800m users announced IGTV giving us the opportunity to post long-form video content. So how can brands make the most of IGTV?

Similar to YouTube, IGTV operates like a TV; users can create channels on their profile and post videos up to one hour long, which is a move away from its previous video facilities which allow videos to either be live or 60 seconds long.

So, with Instagram offering opportunities to post ‘on the grid’, stories, live and storage of the latter two as ‘highlights’, just what is IGTV offering? Well, IGTV gives brands the opportunity to develop their message and reach out to a wider audience.

Here are a few tips on how brands can make the most of IGTV:

1. Although one-hour length videos are up for grabs, remember quality over quantity! Choosing the right length is key. Research shows that brands should stick to videos between two and three minutes to help keep viewers interested. Keep videos quick, clear and concise to fit your brand message – and remember to film in portrait mode for mobile-phone viewing!

2. Developing an IGTV schedule will help organise brands and audiences. Planning video content to coincide with key events/products and important dates will help keep you on track and give followers an idea of what to expect from you.

3. Consider what you can offer your followers, which you can’t already share on the main grid or via stories. Experimenting is key but analyse your most popular stories (everything from impressions, reach, swipes and exits can be tracked on business accounts) and see if they can be developed into lengthier, useful video content.

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(Image from Pixabay)