Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for any brand, allowing insight such as website visits, page views and where people found your site.

This tool can be used to build social media campaigns, push certain products and create more relevant content.

But it is still considered to be quite an enigma to a lot of people who think it’s too ‘techie’ to understand.

We found Google’s own videos on how to use the tool really helpful and would recommend them!

Once you understand the basics, here’s how it can be useful for your business:

Get to know your audience

There are endless results you can find on Google Analytics including which city and country a user is from, what kind of device they use and their gender. Delving into these results can provide a credible audience profile and help you understand who you’re reaching.

Streamline your content

As you can see which pages your visitors are clicking on, you can create content appropriately.

This is handy when planning future content on your website and social platforms.

Achieve your goals

Dream big and achieve website goals. There are various types of goals that can be set and measured, such as destination and duration. If you have an ideal page or amount of time you’d like users to be on your site for, you can set this up and it will be treated as a conversion once this goal is reached with a user.

Metrics brings accountability, strategy and control. If you feel your business can benefit from our results-driven techniques, contact us… to find out more.