At Approach we are keen to make sure that we’re always up to date with the latest know-how, so sharing our knowledge internally is a must!

As a team we’re well practised when it comes to presenting to a room, because of our training offering, Approachability. We also have regular ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions, where one member of the team shares their knowledge on a certain topic, while we all enjoy a yummy lunch. The topics can range from the best way to construct an email to updates on social media best practise and algorithms.

In the run up to the Christmas holidays and with 2019 on the horizon, we thought the best way to wrap everything up was to host a whole day of learning – and finish the year in style with a marathon ‘Lounge and Learn’ session.

Last Friday we headed across the Yorkshire Dales to the House of Harrogate and got the chance to use Acoustic Pixel’s fantastic home cinema complete with surround sound and touch button reclining seats! While the team sat comfortably before the big-screen, each of us took it in turns to present our topic of choice. We covered storytelling, business planning, positivity in the workplace, social media updates, personal development and digital tips all in one day.

The Acoustic Pixel cinema room gave us a base to work from and meant that there was some glitz and glamour to our presentations, the perfect set up to keep everyone engaged and excited to learn!

Approach is experiencing considerable growth and change, so the Lounge and Learn sessions gave us the perfect chance to reflect on 2018 and look forward to what will come in 2019. After a day of learning and planning, we popped 10 minutes down the road to celebrate our year and enjoy a magically festive evening at Ripley Castle.

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings and share it with all of you.


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