The latest developments with LinkedIn company pages are now in full swing. Originally companies had one company page, but with many organisations having different branches to their business there was no way for followers to segment the content they are interested in. To combat this LinkedIn introduced the showcase page at the end of 2013.

Showcase pages are separate entities to the original company page and enable organisations to concentrate on one area of their business. This means organisations will be able to target the right audience for each specific department, service or product, with relevant content. For example, we have our LinkedIn company page but now have a showcase page for our Approachability PR training arm of the company.

With this has come another change; the removal of the ‘products’ tab on company pages. This page enabled companies to show products and services and also allowed for recommendations to be made by followers. Without this page companies are being gently nudged to make to most out of showcase pages. These pages provide a place companies can go into detail about their products and services to ‘showcase’ them as well as possible.

From our point of view this brings a brilliant opportunity for organisations to differentiate between aspects of their business and make activity as targeted as possible. Change can sometimes be difficult to adjust to but it will be interesting to see how companies adapt and what innovations with come with it.