Kirkgate Shopping

Kirkgate Shopping has been at the heart of Bradford’s shopping district since 1976. The once-loved centre, known for being ‘ultra-modern’, had been struggling to keep up with the changing face of retail and needed a voice, a profile, a personality.

We were briefed to raise its profile, increase footfall and in six months, win back the hearts of locals – reigniting Kirkgate Shopping as a family-friendly, community-focussed destination.

And #KirkgateMemories as a campaign was born. It allowed us to speak with, and engage, media and customers – creating a buzz of nostalgia and history through a combination of imagery and text.

Key results

  • 85 pieces of print, online and broadcast coverage between July and December 2016
  • Coverage reached an audience of 4,131,101 across the Bradford district
  • Regular profiling of centre manager on broadcast and in regionals
  • 16% of coverage featured Kirkgate staff and retailers
  • 29% increase in Twitter followers including Bradford influencers, Kirkgate retailers and the general public


“#KirkgateMemories was a great way of engaging with the community, and for the Telegraph & Argus it was an effective way of connecting with readers. Bradfordians have memories of Kirkgate Shopping and we had a huge response on our website and on social media.”  

Emma Clayton, Leisure & Lifestyle Ed, The Telegraph & Argus