Long gone are the days of only using social media as a business if you’re consumer friendly. Not only does it aid SEO, ensuring relevant traffic is directed to your website, having a social media presence allows you to have a closer connection to your audience and provides you with a trusted voice. If you’re struggling for content, here are our top five social media tips for B2B accounts.

Approach PR (l-r) Verity Clarke, Helen Elson, Anne Kemp, Suzanne Watson, Rebekha White and Anisha Mistry- bdailyWho are yer?

No matter the industry you’re in, people are always interested in the people behind the business. Share snapshots of daily life in the office or photos of the team captioned with their top industry advice. Regular ‘meet the team’ posts are a great way of keeping your people at the forefront of your business.

DeathtoStock_Medium9Get creative

Just because your sharing news from your law practice, accountancy firm or manufacturing company, it doesn’t mean you can’t add engaging images or video to your social media posts. When photos of the team or management aren’t quite right, consider getting creative with online tools such as Canva, which allows users to create easy, speedy graphics using relevant, corporate branding.


Be the authority

Grow followers and a community around your social media profiles by being the voice of authority on your specific subject matter. Have an experienced music lawyer on the team? Get their take on recent lawsuits surrounding artists and copyright and share it online with a link to a credible publication or a relevant page on your website.


Share but don’t sell

If you don’t have a physical product to sell, it can be easy to get caught up in sharing links to your company website – most dangerously, to your ‘contact us’ page. Not only is this missing an opportunity to say something topical, it can turn off followers if they feel like they are being aggressively sold-to. Alternative ways of consistently sharing website links is to keep a blog (hello!) or news section, or tying in your services with topical news by alerting people where they can seek advice on a government change or legal matter.


Make friends

Remember, social media is all about being…social! Engage with other accounts whether it’s your potential customers, neighbouring businesses or new followers. Likes, retweets, replies and comments are the best way to help you grow a relevant following. Just because you are a B2B company, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a little personality to your account.

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