After sharing top tips on getting through university and making the most of work experience, account executive, Rebekha is back to share her final words of wisdom giving confidence to this year’s graduates.

What has changed since my last blog? You may ask. Well, with two weeks to go until graduation and after four long years of hard work I have achieved first class honours in my PR and Communications degree at Leeds Beckett University!

… But what next? The experience of finishing university has most certainly been a mixture of emotions such as excitement and unease.

In my last post I rambled through top tips for thriving during years of essay writing and lectures but now I’d like to give a little hope to those (like me) who may be feeling slightly anxious about the thought of… ‘growing up’.

  1. The Plan

“So, what’s your plan?” is a question you’ll have heard over and over again already. Don’t worry if you don’t have ‘the plan’, any plan will do for now. Take a break, see the world and then decide or take your time to try a few things out – there’s no rush in deciding exactly how you want your life to play out.

  1. Don’t Panic!

Don’t panic if your degree isn’t something that lends itself directly to a job role or the career path you now want – you’ve successfully completed your course, which shows you’re a hard worker, dedicated and enjoy learning, putting you in a great position.

(Anyhow, you’ve probably just experienced the best years of your life which makes it all worth while!) 

  1. The Move

The idea of moving home after years of independence might be that of excitement for home cooked meals or that of dread for being nagged about keeping your room tidy.  Whatever the case, there’s options to consider. Stay in town? Move home? Or even try a totally new city? The world is yours, so go explore!

  1. Saying Bye

Watching friends leave the place you’ve all called home is the worst thing about university ending. But let’s try not to think about it that way. Now you have places to stay all around the UK (or further!), your weekends can become more exciting then ever as you make plans to travel around visiting pals!

  1. Find Help

Finally, most universities have support teams who offer advice to graduates, they can help with career guidance or post-graduate opportunities. Make the most out of the facilities you still have access to and ask for help.

I’d like to wish the best of luck to all students graduating this summer – enjoy taking to the stage in your cap and gown and when experiencing bursts of post-university stress, remember, if you get THAT stuck you can always go back. Masters anyone?


Image sourced from Pixabay