Celebrities, politicians, brands and the general public came together on 8 March 2015 to celebrate International Women’s Day. From bringing attention to women’s rights worldwide or joining the campaign to close the gender pay-gap in the UK, women were having their say on #IWD2015.

To celebrate the day, lifestyle website, The W Review, which is currently campaigning for journalist and women’s rights with a Kickstarter campaign, asked our founder Suzanne Watson to share her thoughts on running a business while raising children.

Suzanne founded the company in 2001 with an aim to create a more flexible working life with her one-year-old daughter, Melissa. She worked through the maternity leave of her second child Ben, (now 11) and built herself – and the business – back up after a marriage breakdown in 2004. As a single parent, she juggled the business and two children under five at a pivotal time in the company’s development.

Now in its fifteenth year, we have over 20 Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) accolades for campaigns including Best Use of Media Relations, Best Not-for-Profit campaign, Best Community Relations campaign and a national “Corporate and Business Communications” award for its work on a Bradford-based initiative.

Suzanne, who has accolades including ‘Bradford’s Inspirational Woman of the Year 2013’ and ‘Bradford Means Business Woman of the Year 2014’ to her name, shared her advice for running a successful business with young children.

At 44, Suzanne now uses her experiences to make a difference to other eczema sufferers, parents and business owners. A trustee of the National Eczema Society, a Governor of Bradford Grammar School, a member of the policy influencing Bradford Chamber Council and a regular contributor to BBC radio, Suzanne’s down to earth and engaging approach makes her an empowering and inspiring speaker whose ultimate aim is to motivate others to take control, shape their own future and live the life they deserve.

To find out her top tips, view the full article on The W Review.