Emojis. A universal language that adds a splash of colour, a dash of personality, and arguably, can convey emotions when words fail you! Perhaps you’ve tried lightening the mood with a ? or softened a blow with the ?. If you’re fluent in the fast- growing language then you’ll enjoy World Emoji Day, a day dedicated to celebrating these little yellow guys. To mark the occasion, here are some of the team’s favourites:

Shona England – Lees, Digital and PR manager

My favourite emoji is ? because I think it’s so good at demonstrating that you find something exciting or admire what someone has done or said! It’s a great one to use if a friend or colleague has achieved something really impressive at work. I also love ?? and ? for similar reasons!

Anisha Mistry, Senior Account Manager

My favourite is the ? – the heart has to be specifically yellow as it’s one of my happy colours. I use it regularly on social media or when chatting to friends while sharing things I like (or love).

Betty Adams, Account Executive

My favourite emoji is?.

It reminds me of the Saturday Night Fever film and the Bee Gees (who are my favourite group ever)! I find that it always gets good engagement when used on social media, especially for any events-related posts for clients! I also love how groovy he is.

Finley Howell, Junior Account Executive

My favourite emoji is ? because it really helps to set the tone of your message – sometimes a sarcastic comment can be taken seriously if you forget your emoji at the end! It’s probably my most used emoji because I’m always cracking jokes and try to see the funny side of situations.

Helen Elson, Senior Account Manager

The emoji I tend to use a lot is ?‍♀️ as it looks like she’s throwing her hands up in the air in celebration of something wonderful! At least I think that is what she is doing!

At Approach, we pride ourselves on developing and understanding our clients’ tone of voice. For social media accounts that want to portray a relaxed, fun loving brand, emojis are perfect. To find out more about our social media expertise, take a look at our digital services.