Easter 2020 promises something a little different from any usual celebrations. It’s difficult to spend time away from loved ones and this can be particularly apparent on occasions we associate with social gatherings and family festivities. And yet, despite our required isolation, this weekend guarantees many Easter egg hunts, Sunday dinners and foil wrapped eggs will be enjoyed up and down the country. And so, in a time which can serve to highlight our separation, could we see it as something which actually makes us more unified?

This period of quarantine has highlighted the importance of communication more than ever before. Modern technology has provided us with incredible ways to stay connected with loved ones despite our physical social distance. As a business community we believe this is something to be harnessed. When the world seems to be pulling apart, it is down to people to pull together.

Here at approach we’ve been working hard to keep business as usual as possible, with staff now working remotely from home. We’re holding virtual meetings for our team, clients and to continue to ‘go’ to networking events and Chamber of Commerce meetings to stay in touch with fellow businesspeople during this shared time of hardship. A sense of community can seem impossible to uphold when our society is so fragmented, but it couldn’t be more important to maintain this shared strength of spirit. This has been demonstrated in our home town, Ilkley, whose Coronavirus response has been recognised across the district.

So with Easter fast approaching along with that ever-pressing sense of absence, we’re remembering that these feelings are shared by everyone up and down the country and around the entire world. In fact, as a global community, we have never been so unified. It’s reassuring to think that the harder isolation begins to hit, the closer we become. And so our longstanding mantra still rings true: together great things happen.