Manufacturing companies play an imperative role in the success of the country. But despite being the backbone of the UK’s economy, manufacturers often undervalue how significant a role they play and how interested people are in how they are doing. This communication adds value to the business by communicating with their key audiences.

The truth is that every manufacturer could benefit from a targeted B2B public relations campaign regardless of size or how niche the product is.

Many manufacturers feel they simply don’t need PR. Some believe there isn’t a big enough audience, customers are overseas, or they’re unsure of how to reach potential new customers. So many are missing out on golden opportunities to increase their profile, push products, nurture invaluable relationships with their communities and build solid reputations in their sector.

We’ve been working in manufacturing for almost 20 years with campaigns reaping fantastic tangible benefits for clients. Our campaigns span industries from chemicals to cooling systems, importers and exporters, national and international traders.

Love local

The value of regional public and community relations should never be under estimated or disregarded as a ‘nice-to-have’ which doesn’t really affect the bottom line. Local and regional news outlets are not only essential to forging positive links with the community but can be the springboard for greater, more far-reaching attention.

Niche work if you can get it

But it’s not just regional media that can work miracles for manufacturers. There’s a myriad of specialist and trade publications servicing every conceivable area of business from Coatings Comet and Cow Management to Paper Technology and Waste Water World. While there may not be dozens of relevant titles for your manufacturing business, the benefit of finding the right media is that you know they are absolutely your key audience. So whatever your business, there’s trade media just waiting to talk about your latest products and services.

Feeling social

In manufacturing, technology and innovation are imperative to keeping ahead of the game and the same principles apply in communications. Social media is as relevant and effective in the manufacturing sector as it is to retailers and service industries. Get the tone of voice and content right and you’ll find a new platform to engage with your audiences.

The key to good social media is engaging content and the right tone of voice. Keep it professional, knowledgeable and interesting by commenting on what’s going on in your industry and having a share of voice in industry discussions. It shows you’re aware of what’s going on and allows you to react instantly to industry news and announcements or better still, lead the conversation and demonstrate your expertise.

Ultimately, the aim is to generate greater brand awareness, reach a wider audience, engage with potential new customers and drive traffic to your website.

Our manufacturing sector has proven itself to be a robust and resilient industry with many inspiring success stories. The only difference between you and the ones you hear about online, in trade press and regional media, is good PR.