Project Description

Yorkshire-based manufacturer, Airedale Chemical, wanted to develop an educational partnership with a local school to influence STEM attitudes: bringing science to life for the kids and encouraging more of them to take an interest in the subject.

We undertook an audit of schools in the locality and identified Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School.

Through a combination of school visits, experiments, engaging quizzes and surveys, we were able to provide a day at a chemical company that was educational, fun and positively impacted on students’ views on science. The campaign also resulted in excellent regional media coverage throughout.

Key results

Survey results from the kids who participated:

  • 71% decided science was their favourite subject as a result of their visit
  • 65% want to work in science when they’re older
  • 97% are more interested in science as a result of their visit
  • 100% want to take part in more visits like this one


“Fantastic work organising this education partnership and involvement in the site visit. It was a real success and something I’m confident we can now make a regular fixture in the marketing calendar.”

Daniel Marr, Head of Marketing, Airedale Chemical