Hi I’m Georgia, I’m an English Literature graduate and for the past two weeks I have been gaining work experience at Approach PR. From sell ins to copywriting, planning social media content to creating graphics, I have tried it all at Approach PR, dabbling in both the traditional and digital side of the PR world. As a lifestyle blogger myself, I was excited to be given the opportunity to write for the Approach PR website and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to explore some of the many benefits of new technology to industry.

Whether you were first in the queue for the new iPhone 7 or you’re using your eldest sons hand-me-down iPhone 4, it’s safe to say that nowadays the majority of us own an iPhone and are familiar with Apple iOS. Whilst a handful of users look forward to the iOS updates that Apple roll out each year, the majority of user’s dislike change and put off updating their iPhone for as long as possible.

With the release of iOS 10 just last week, I am here to tell you that this is one update worth downloading. The latest iOS 10 update is chock full of exciting new features that can have a positive impact on your day to day productivity. Don’t believe me? Let me talk you through some of the new iOS 10 features that you ought to be making the most of.

First things first, is the addition of widgets to the lock screen. From your calendar to the weather, trending news to reminders, all of these important functions can now be checked in one glance without even having to unlock your phone. A simple addition to iOS 10 that means you can few a number of applications at once for a quick overview of your day.

If you were already a fan of using Siri then you will be thrilled to hear that Siri now works alongside other apps such as Skype and Uber. Late for a meeting? No problem, at your command, Siri can book an Uber for you. Or perhaps you’ve got your hands full and you’re meant to be on a conference call? Again, not a problem. Siri can now connect to Skype and call a contact for you all without you having to open the app yourself.

Now imagine you’ve organised a face to face meeting via Skype on your iPhone and you want to put it in the calendar. The new iOS 10 update allows you to do so with the option to click ‘time to leave’ meaning that it will use Apple maps to suggest times or you to leave based on the current traffic conditions.

It gets even better. With iOS 10, if you receive a message asking ‘where are you?’, you can now fire off your exact current location using Apple Maps. Simple.

With these new features not only is there is no excuse to be late but no excuse to be too busy to reply either. For instance, iOS 10 now uses voice recognition to turn your voicemails into text so no more frantically searching for a pen and paper to write down notes. Instead the voicemail can either be viewed as text or, if you prefer, can even be paused and rewound.

With the added ability of viewing and replying to notifications without ever leaving the app you are in, you can now simultaneously respond to Facebook enquiries, tweet about your newest products and even keep track of your Instagram engagements, all without opening the social media platforms themselves. Not only does the iOS 10 update improve productivity but also encourages multitasking, something that here at Approach PR we are all for because in the world of PR, you never know what to expect.


Image sourced from Pixabay