That old chestnut! Please don’t judge but I may have heard ‘it’s not what you said, it’s how you said it’ on a number of occasions from my parents while growing up. And what’s worse, I fully understand the sentiment now. Bear with me I am getting to the point, I promise. The tone of voice you use on social media, personally or as a brand is important and here’s why:

  • Your tone of voice is your identity. The language you use, how you speak, and any imagery or emojis used paints a picture and can leave a lasting memory in follower’s minds. This lasting memory can be positive or negative and it is hard to change once an initial one has been set.
  • Establish your audience. Who do you want to speak and engage with? Are you a consumer brand looking for a quick online purchase or a manufacturer looking to supply products or services within a particular field? The way you speak with your audience ought to consider these points, creating content relevant to your target audience.
  • Keep it authentic. People can tell!
  • Don’t sell. You wouldn’t walk up to a group of people at a networking event and say ‘hi, I’m such and such and we have 20% off’ and the same applies to social media. Create stories, curate content of interest, share news and updates of interest.
  • Stay true to your brand. Sharing content that is off message or completely random to your core brand ethos and beliefs does not work. That is not to say that the occasional funny gif or happy Friday update is not allowed, it’s all about balance.
  • Ask don’t tell. While the majority of your content will be updates, news and sharing relevant information and images, it is so important to ask questions and get your followers engaging, speaking, and having their voices heard.

We love all things social media here at Approach and undertake it for a number of clients, as well as offering bespoke training sessions on the topic, so if you ever want to find out more please just get in touch!