It’s time to ease your eyes from those glaring screens and rekindle your relationship with the bookshelf to celebrate Roald Dahl Day! It’s an undeniable fact that everyone’s story time as a ‘kiddle’ was brought to life by tantalising tales of trogglehumpers, quogwinkles and whoopsy whiffling.

At Approach Towers, we’re passionate about glorimptious writing and all have our favourite stories which spark warm nostalgia and fond memories.

Suzanne Watson, MD

It’s definitely Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for me. I vividly remember reading it when I was around nine-years-old – it captured my imagination and prompted me to rub the foil wrapper of every (1970s) KitKat my mum bought, just to see if I’d won a golden ticket!

Shona England-Lees, Senior Account Executive

I always listened to James and the Giant Peach on audiobook when I was falling asleep as a child. It used to inspire some wild dreams in which I was part of the story, going on adventures with James and co. It will always be a special book to me – it’s one I’ll read to my children one day!

Anisha Mistry, Account Manager

I loved Matilda as a child and my favourite thing about it was the fact she was such a bookworm. I got this out of the library a handful of times (and then loved the film too). And I’m just going to squeeze in a second as I got a huge book for my birthday once which had the BFG AND Matilda in…and I still have it.

Sarah Kroon, Business Development Director

I absolutely loved the BFG. A big friendly giant catching dreams, giving the nice ones to deserving children and destroying nightmares. A magical world of frobscottle, whizzpopping and who can forget the HORRIBLE snozzcumbers.

Helen Elson, Senior Account Manager

I read The Witches many, many times as a child. I loved to frighten myself with horror stories about disappearing children and have looked very suspiciously upon old ladies with gloves and itchy heads ever since. Roald Dahl at his absolute best! 

Betty Adams, Junior Account Executive

The Twits has to take the crown for me! The tale really takes ‘old married couple’ to a new level. What really stuck out for me was the idea of inner beauty and from The Twits came my favourite Roald Dahl quote – “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

At Approach, we pride ourselves on creating engaging and compelling content. What better way to take inspiration from the man himself – lively imagination, stamina, self-discipline and a keen sense of humour will set anyone on their way to great writing.

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