The royal family, one of our most traditional of British icons, has applied a most modern medium to tell the world about the birth of the new royal baby.

For the first time, the birth of the newest royal was announced initially via Twitter in contrast to her older brother, Prince George, whose arrival was heralded to journalists by good old press release allowing royal followers to learn of the news at the same time as the world press.

However, they retained some of the customary pomp and ceremony by still placing the official announcement at the gates of Buckingham Palace, much to joy of awaiting fans and tourists.

With #RoyalBaby trending across the globe almost immediately, it is safe to say that the decision to announce the birth through social media was a popular choice.

Other organisations created their own ‘guerilla’ techniques to announce the royal birth as landmarks across the capital were illuminated in tribute to Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

The BT tower was the first attraction to proclaim the new arrival and the sex of the baby, announcing ‘It’s a girl’ at the top of the tower.

While most newborns are greeted with a foil helium balloon, the waters of the Trafalgar Square fountain ran pink, while landmarks including the Golden Jubilee Bridge, Millennium Wheel, and Tower Bridge all contributed to the London sky becoming bathed in a soft pink glow in honour of the baby princess.

Whatever will they come up with for the third baby Windsor…


Image sourced from Daily Mail