Hurrah! We can finally say it! Bye January. Hello February.

We have nothing against January, in fact we love it. It’s all about fresh starts, setting goals and planning for the year (hello new diary).

But…it did feel awfully long, didn’t it? Four and a half weeks of grey skies, a post-Christmas slump, January blues and endless ‘can you believe it’s still January?!’ conversations.

Now that you’ve set your goals for the year and thought about where you want it to take you – what do you do in February? The shortest month, surely it will just fly by and you’re best making a proper start in March?

Nope, sorry. The shortness of February is the perfect time to set yourself mini-achievable goals to work towards your larger business targets.

If improving your professional social media channels is on the list for 2018, here are four easy things you can do this month:

Week 1 –  A mini-audit

A very mini-audit, we promise you. Take a step back and try and objectively look at the social media profiles you’re using – it can be easy to get swept up in creating profiles on every platform out there. ‘You must have a presence!’ you’re repetitively told; well yes you must, but only where relevant. If you trade only with other businesses, perhaps having a Pinterest profile is less relevant – or, you’ve always had a Facebook profile but have seen better performance on Instagram and Twitter instead, maybe it’s time to spend less time on those platforms which aren’t working for you (particularly with this year’s changes).

Week 2 – Is everything up to date?

It can be very easy to get caught up in the day to day running of social media accounts – posting, replying, engaging – it all adds up. But how often do you check on your bios, website links, profile and cover pictures? A quick health check might show you could be leading potential customers to an out-dated website page, or that your ‘about me’ requires an update to shout about a recent award win.

Week 3 – Are you engaging?

There’s that buzzword again. Have you fallen into the trap of sending out your content but forgetting to engage with anyone else’s? Set yourself a target of following five new relevant profiles or sourcing three relevant LinkedIn contacts per week. Having numbers to hit will act as the perfect check list; make it a weekly task and find yourself engaging more with other brands, new profiles and potential customers.

Week 4 – Plan ahead

If you’ve gotten into a habit of only sharing content when you remember – perhaps an Instagram Story while you’re out and about or a tweet to mark the end of the week, consider setting up to an hour aside and plan your content for the next week. If you have a couple of outings planned, make a note to take pictures or if you’re attending a business event, take a look at the other attendees beforehand and be ready to make connections on and offline.

So there you have it – four easy wins for your social media this month. What are your goals for February?

If you want to discuss social media goals, plans or strategy, you can have a chat with our social team.


(Image sourced from Pixabay)