Our latest project has set the office all a-twittering as we launch the Twitter handle @IlkleyPeople as part of our “People of Ilkley” campaign.

Fresh off the success of the micro networking evening “lkleyHour” which successfully runs itself from 7pm until 8pm every Monday, we wanted to launch a Twitter account that gave a voice to the colourful, creative and quirky people of Ilkley.

The term “rotation creation” is becoming popular within social media and refers to an account that is passed on from one user to the next. The People of Ilkley is a localised version of this worldwide trend.

The user name for that week will refer to the person in charge and for the next seven days they are in the drivers seat taking full charge of the account.

Since launching in 19 April we have had seven people take the Twitter reigns with some very colourful characters taking part, here are some of our favourite tweets.

Helena of Ilkley ‏@IlkleyPeople  May 31

Thanks to Vix @accidentalvix for a fantastic (and creative!) week, welcome to Helena @Helenabluehoop – happy tweeting! #Ilkley

 Vez of Ilkley ‏@IlkleyPeople  May 18

Hello #IlkleyHour here is my favourite pic from @IlkleyCarnival – a selfie with the @Approach_pr team in the parade

 ‏@IlkleyPeople  May 9

Hell hath no fury like a Yorkshire lass in pink! Spotted this @CR_UK #RaceForLife poster! Who’s racing in #Ilkley?

Here are the (very simple) rules:

  •  Must tweet daily Mon to Sun at least twice. Obviously the more you tweet the better J
  • No spamming, fighting, swearing being obscene or mean etc. Keep it family friendly and nice; which includes retweets too
  • Live, work or play in Ilkley. Staying in Ilkley during week you’re tweeting – makes sense!
  • Must be used to Twitter or willing to learn so can concentrate on tweeting/interaction
  • Your week will end on Sunday evening 7:30pm – be prepared for this: follow accounts you’re interested in from your personal account, may want to delete some/all of your direct messages (maybe copy them first), tell people you’re leaving and sign off
  • Engage with people as much as possible: ask questions, join in conversations, post photos, recommend local places, promote local, give brief background info if needed etc. – in short, try and keep it interesting!

We’re finding the account thoroughly entertaining and a democratic way to hear all voices of Ilkley through social media.

If you would like to take part in People of Ilkley please do contact us here and we’ll be in touch.