Posting pictures of your pets, amazing meals and the occasional selfie are what a personal Instagram account is all about, of course. But what about optimising Instagram for business?

The social media platform has successfully planted itself as a useful marketing tool for brands and with the force of Facebook behind it, the options to get your products seen by millions of people around the world are endless.

Want to know how to be a brand Instagram star? Here are some top tips.

High-quality images

Using high-quality images on your account helps your images stand out in a person’s feed. If they’re browsing their friend’s nights out and pets, a professional shot will immediately make them look twice.

For example, if you are running an account for a clothing shop, quality images of models in the clothes will perform better than pictures of them displayed in store.

Expand in stories

The introduction of Instagram stories in 2016 was an exciting development for the platform and accounts have been finding new and fun ways to represent their brand using the feature. It’s now easier than ever to engage with your audience through Stories, they can direct message you from a story and vote on polls, an amazing way to get quick customer insight.

Style guidelines

Keeping a cohesive style of image throughout your social media platforms is a given but even more important to note on Instagram. If you’re using the Stories feature, make sure to keep your font colours and emoji use the same throughout.

Get organised

Having a plan is extremely useful for brands, as you can tie it in with campaigns that may be running across your other platforms. It also helps to have an outline of what to post and when, keeping your posts regular and cohesive.


Instagram adverts aren’t new, but they are certainly growing with more insight available on who has seen your boosted posts. You choose how much money you put behind a sponsored post and we find it’s good to test out how much reach you get with different amounts to find what works best for you.

We can expand more on this advice in our social media workshops or by working together and managing your account(s). Get in touch with us to find out more.


Image sourced from Pixabay.