We all know how important it is to stay calm and collected, but sometimes life throws us unexpected curveballs and the way we deal with them is vital to a more stress-free life. It has been found that one in four people experience mental health issues in their life, and it’s becoming more known within the workplace to make de-stressing a priority.

Recently people have begun to speak up publically about their battles, such as Princes William and Harry who explained the stress they suffered from the tragic loss of their mother, Princess Diana.

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and we have compiled some top tips on how to best deal with stress.

Get active

Whether it’s going to the gym or walking the dog, exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good! It is believed to make chemical changes in the brain, which gives you a more positive outlook on your mood and wellbeing (whilst also boosting your self-esteem).

Be connected

Talking to friends, colleagues and family or just having a good rant is a really helpful way to de-stress. The saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” is very true in this instance! Why don’t you arrange to meet one day a week with people who make you feel good?


This may seem like a simple one, but focusing on breathing can be a huge help and research suggests it makes people more resilient to stress. Set aside a couple of minutes a day, close your eyes and recite a positive mantra in sync to your breaths.

‘Me’ time

It’s important to find time to yourself during each day. Why not challenge yourself by giving something new a go? Learning an instrument can be a great distraction or something as simple as listening to your favourite music or cooking your signature meal can be a great stress reliever.

Stress is a factor in everyday life that is unavoidable, but taking some easy tips on board may be the key to success. Charities such as the International Stress Management Association are great to find out more information.

When we’re feeling stressed in the office we go find our office pooches for a cuddle!

(Image sourced on Pixabay)