Welcome to our new and improved website!

Working in PR we understand the importance of image and reputation and how essential it is to send out the right messages. This is why we’ve been busy giving our ‘home’ a refresh.

We needed a new website which could effectively communicate the developments and what we do. After months of hard work behind the scenes we are so happy to share this with you all.

The new, innovative design is easy on the eye (if we do say so ourselves) but it also has a number of functional benefits for simple navigation and viewing on all devices.

The new website includes a breakdown of all our core services: media relations, online PR, B2B PR, training and social media. Our portfolio page features client testimonials, case studies, and a download section with our latest brochures.

Since our very own Suzanne founded Approach PR in 2001, the world of public relations has dramatically transformed and slowly over the years our sturdy fax machine has reached extinction.   .

In embracing the new, we are here to add our thoughts, insights and expertise to the table through this very blog space be it from headline news that gets our goat to expert opinion on groundbreaking PR. If you are interested in the Approach PR team or are interested in media relations, social media, communications, reputation, strategy or digital PR you’re in the right place!

The total recreation of our website has been a huge learning experience for us. We have faced a fair few challenges and worked hard to master the art of coding and WordPress. We are thrilled with the outcome and hope you like it too!