We are pumping our heartfelt efforts into supporting Heart Research UK this year!

We will be kick starting our fundraising activities this month by completing our own personal exercise challenges and setting healthy tasks around the office.

In a busy working environment we find it easy to get tied up at our desks but seeing the work carried out by HRUK all around the UK was the best incentive we needed to make a change, increase our heart rates and raise some cash.

Throughout the year we will keep our hearts racing by taking part in active lunches, embarking on a sponsored walk and hosting a large community event as Approach Towers strives to secure a healthy heart mark!


Some of our activities will be:

• Lunch-time exercise classes
• The Yorkshire Three Peaks Valley Walk in fancy dress!
• Fruit and vegetable challenges
• Active office tasks
• Personal exercise goals including activities such as: swimming, spinning, walking and playing football

We are really excited to be to working with the charity and would love to see the local community get behind our fundraising drive and show their support. Together we will help raise money to support HRUK’s continuing research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

Heart Research UK is a Yorkshire-based national charity that has been helping hearts since 1967 through helping communities to improve their lifestyles. The charity strives to encourage people to live healthier, happier and longer lives by looking after their hearts. Their recent activities have extended to focus on children, including research into providing rehabilitation for them when leaving hospital.

Follow our social media channels for top tips on keeping your heart healthy and to watch our progress.

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