The news of retail footfall decreasing across the UK is not a surprise to many, however the rate at which the decline is now taking place most certainly is. December 2017 saw a 3.5% year-on-year decrease, the largest fall since March of 2013, with shopping centres and the high street bearing the brunt.

A combination of stagnant wages, financial uncertainty and a jump in inflation means consumers are tightening their purse strings – seemingly a little more-so than anticipated.

But, what can be done to counteract this trend? What can be done to boost the retail sector as a whole? There are very real, tangible actions that can help reverse this trend, particularly brand building through PR and social media. We know how important these things are for the continued success of a brand and it seems this is true now more than ever before.

Create reasons for shoppers to want to visit your centre or store; content that they cannot wait to share and engage with; events and campaigns that drive footfall and column inches; special offers for followers; update on trends and must-haves.

The Approach team is in its 17th year of delivering high-impact, engaging retail campaigns. If you would like to discuss PR, communications and social media activity for your store / centre / park / brand why not get in touch to see how we can help?


The image is from Pixabay