What a week. While we don’t want to speak about the weather, its impact has been utterly unavoidable this week. The Beast from the East has made its presence known, and to a worse level than was previously forecast. As a plus though, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, has never looked so beautiful but we may be a little biased!

A huge plus of modern technology and the digital platforms we all use mean we can work from anywhere, and we are. A snow day no longer means a day off. Team Approach has all been working from different locations on the particularly bad days this week, avoiding commuting travel nightmares and freeing up time so we can get more work done. Some of us may actually have gotten dressed too! ?

What is required to make sure that working from home is productive for all involved? Simple – planning, communication and transparency.

Planning – ensure you have a ‘to do’ list with you and that you have access to, whether this is server access or emailing required documents to yourself, all of the materials you need in order to get your work done. Thank you the cloud, you are super helpful for activity such as this.

Communication – this is a combination of internal and external. Outline activity that is to take place with your teams internally, ensuring everyone is happily getting on with the actions they are doing and everyone is helping each other as required. Externally, let your clients, suppliers, customers etc know how they can contact you if required.

Transparency– this ties in with the planning and communication points above. Keep internal and external contacts updated on activity and continue to get your work done as normal. Easy!

We may, *ahem* definitely have, popped some beautiful snow images up on our social channels and would love to see yours!

This image is courtesy of the uber talented Anisha Mistry.