Pie, chips and peas with gravy in a countryside pub, fish and chips at the seaside or a good family Sunday dinner.

Despite their random nature, these are all seen as traditional ‘British’ stereotypes and appropriate to the theme for Ilkley Carnival 2016; ‘Best of British’ held on 2nd May 2016.

I’m Rachel, the latest addition to the Approach PR team. I escaped the world of public sector in 2015 seeking a career within the intensely thrilling public relations world. With a view of Ilkley Moor from the office (Which is above Bettys Café Tea Room may I add), it is already a million miles away from the grey, grey and…grey (?) city life.

Leeds born ‘n’ bred, I am delighted to be presented with the opportunity of supporting Ilkley Carnival 2016 in creating the ‘Best of British’ experience. Approach PR has been involved with the carnival and its committee as part of its corporate social responsibility for five years. It is a real privilege to find myself working with the community for this incredible family event.

I’ve long been passionate about helping the local community, it’s the main inspiration behind my music blog featuring unsigned music acts and my opinions on the Yorkshire music industry.

Combined with my voluntary role of managing social media at Apollo Music Festival, I am really looking forward to submerging myself in the carnival atmosphere and applying my knowledge and skills to the campaign.

I can’t wait to be a part of such a community-driven event. It is fantastic to be physically involved with Ilkley Carnival and engaging with the audience through social media, copywriting and, my other big love, photography,

Here’s a little rundown of what we’ve been planning so far:

#Hashtag fun on Twitter

Our #IlkleyCarnival16 hashtag is going strong and combined with Monday’s #IlkleyHour, and Wednesday’s #YorkshireHour and #VolunteerHour, we’re finding it a brilliant way to interact with everybody throughout the day.

Carnival quiz!

Across our social media platforms, we will be releasing a range of ‘Best of British’ styled polls, quiz questions, and anagrams to really set the scene for the carnival and get people engaged and talking well ahead of the 2nd May. There are no options to buy property, or collect £200 for passing ‘Go’, but lots of opportunities to test your knowledge on all things British! You have been warned.


No we’re not watching ‘Funniest Cats 2015’ (Although it is an amusing video). Since our 2016 theme is ‘Best of British’, our YouTube channel will be showcasing the best of British music, sport and cultural highlights. Why not contact us via Twitter @IlkleyCarnival with your suggestions!


Take a look at the Ilkley Carnival Pinterest board where we have pinned the ‘Best of British’ culture, food and even the seaside!

Of course last, but by no means least, we at Approach PR involve ourselves in the #IlkleyCarnival16 experience too. From managing the media and social media to co-ordinating the stage and dog show, it’s fair to say the team lives and breathes this fantastic event. With over £40,000 raised for the local community in the last five years, we are proud to be part of Ilkley Carnival.