Working in a creative industry, it’s important to stay on your A-game when it comes to…well, creativity.

For those mornings where the light-bulb just isn’t flickering or afternoons where even a cup of coffee won’t do the trick, these are some of our top tips for staying inspired at work.

Have a chat

When you’re embroiled in a project, it’s hard to take a step back and look at it objectively. Enlist the help of your team and even bring in colleagues or trusted friends who aren’t involved to have a brainstorm. Talking through ideas, problems and solutions can help get the creative juices flowing and spark new thoughts.

Here at Approach towers, we often find the best way is to book in a 20-minute slot in everyone’s diary to remove ourselves from our desks to get the conversation flowing. A promise of caffeine and biscuits always helps.

Let your influencers influence

No matter what your job role or industry, it’s likely that there’s someone you look up to, whether it’s a global businessperson, a local blogger or even a colleague. When you aren’t feeling your creative best, take 10 minutes to read their latest blog post or catch up on their social media profiles.

Following successful people, who are well known in their industries, on LinkedIn is a great way to have inspiring content just a click away. LinkedIn marks these as ‘Influencers’ and once you’re following, sends notifications for their ‘Pulse’ posts – essentially blog posts on LinkedIn. People we like to keep up with include Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and Lena Dunham. 

Step back

You’re working to a tight deadline, your idea hasn’t quite achieved the results you expected, there’s a problem at the printers and someone’s telling you to take five and go outside?

It can seem like a ridiculous option when you feel like you’re fire-fighting but a brisk walk in the fresh air can really revitalise you and you’ll come back with a new sense of energy, ready to tackle your tasks. It’s something we truly advocate, as you can read here.

If you really think you’re glued to your desk (or if it’s looking a little too fresh outside!) at least take a breather and make a drink or have a snack. (Your colleagues will thank you for the impromptu coffee round!)

Bring Pinterest to life

Remember life before the online visual bookmarking tool when people used to make real-life moodboards? Bring it back! Pinterest is great for inspiration and organising your thoughts into personal boards, but sometimes, nothing beats ripping out a magazine page and saving it for future use.

If the thought of getting crafty with a pair of scissors and a glue-stick feels like a step too far, keep a folder of magazine cuttings, paper clippings, photographs or ideas you’ve jotted down so you can have a quick flick through when you’re lacking inspiration.

Tidy desk, tidy mind

Creative people are often linked to clutter and chaos – picture an artist’s studio or dressmaker’s sewing box – a true treasure trove. Staying inspired at work though, also means staying organised.

Organising a chaotic desk can help soothe an over-worked brain and help you think more clearly. Make the most of your stationery, use your in-tray and add a personal touch if it keeps you thinking; a small indoor plant is usually a safe option if you’re in a shared space!

For inspirational desks, we love this article over on Stylist.

We hope these tips help keep you feeling motivated – if you have any golden rules for staying inspired at work, let us know on Twitter!


Image sourced from Pixabay