Rebekha, junior account executive at Approach PR, joined the agency as a budding PR professional almost two years ago. Her love of social media and CSR makes her the perfect ‘Approach-fit’ as she continues to plan crazy charity challenges for the team to get stuck into.

You may remember an earlier blog post called ‘from the lecture hall to the office desk’, the mumblings of a 20-year-old who had taken a leap into the working world around twenty months ago.

Yes, that’s me and yes, I’m still here!

In May 2014, I began a 12-month sandwich placement here at Approach PR. It has been an invaluable experience and I’m delighted with the progress which has seen me achieve front page coverage and be referred to as a ‘social media guru’ by managing director, Suzanne Watson. Approach towers not only gave me a home to develop my PR professionalism but allowed me to learn the tricks of our trade from a team of award-winning individuals.

Now making my way through final year and working part time at the agency, I would like to share my advice on how to be a top trainee PR practitioner.

Be passionate and show your creativity – When choosing to work in PR and communications, you’re opting to work in an organisation where the creativity of its employees is essential to the success. Use your creativity and passion to conjure up inspired campaigns which will not only wow the team around you but the clients they work hard to keep.

Ask questions and learn from those around you – PR interns and placement students are there to learn. Don’t waste the opportunity you have been given by holding back on the questions you’re dying to find answers to. If you’re lucky like me, you’ll have a team of extremely capable and creative people backing you to succeed, learn from their experiences as well as your own. And remember… there is no such thing as a silly question.

Enthusiasm is key – Yes the early mornings may take a little getting use to but enthusiasm is key. The more proactive and productive you are, the more you’ll learn through increased responsibility and the variety of tasks handed to you.

Stay organised and be prepared – Quick turnarounds are not rare in the life at a busy PR agency.  You need to stay organised and be prepared for whatever the working day may throw at you! No day is ever the same but If you’re ready and equipped they’ll be no need to panic.

Be professional – It’s no longer acceptable to turn up late in your pyjama pants and hide at the back of the lecture hall. Office etiquette and dress code must be considered and followed especially in a client facing role.

If you’re heading into a sandwich year placement like me or simply expanding your portfolio with short term work experience, these top tips will give you a head start in climbing the PR career ladder.


Image sourced from Pixabay