Where does it go, what is done with it, how is it managed, who knows what, how can I get it removed? Data is a hot topic at the moment, from the imminent arrival of GDPR on 25 May to the recent, and ongoing, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. Actually, saying it’s a hot topic is quite the understatement.

People are starting to realise, and question as a result, what data of theirs exists and where. For too long we’ve blindly filled in online forms, signed up to services, passed over contact details and never thought to question what is actually being done with that information. Never thought to investigate where and how this data is stored and managed, instead passing our personal details across and not considering any possible consequences. Hello hacked emails, online databases and bank account details.

In this day and age, data is power, it is part of an organisation’s success, or failings, and is incredibly valuable. We should value this and manage our data accordingly, keeping your private details just that, private.

While the four letters GDPR send shivers down the backs of many they shouldn’t. This is happening to protect people and is a good thing. In fact you could argue it is long overdue! Yes, there is considerable leg work required by many to be compliant, but it is very doable and is ultimately for the greater good, keeping each and every one of us more protected.

We have been working hard to get ready, so we fully understand the task at hand. But through the process we have also learned so much, and feel empowered in terms of the hows and whys it is all happening. What steps have you taken to get your business ready? We would love to hear your thoughts on it, why not drop us a message on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and let us know?