As #NationalPetMonth comes to an end, it’s time to look back on, and appreciate, some of the amazing things our furry friends do for us. Whether it’s a small gift such as brightening up our mood or something a little more special, the PDSA Animal Awards Programme has it covered.


This hard-working sheepdog was given the doggy version of an OBE as a result of his commitment to helping people, including after the devastation of the Japanese earthquake in 2011 and Nepal in 2015. Bryn proved himself to be a dedicated and super succesful rescue dog. The dog days are over for Bryn as he is now retired and catching up on some well-earned R&R!


Known as the animals’ George Cross, Bosnich was awarded with gold for saving his owner’s life. They went missing for two days on a walk and it was only through Bosnich’s relentless howling and barking that they were found. The pooch kept his owner warm and ensured the emergency services found them. Someone give that dog a bone!


Last but not leashed, pawfect pooch Mali got the top spot with the Dickin Medal for animals serving in military conflict. With fearless bravery, he worked like a dog (literally!) to locate numerous explosives in Afghanistan, saving the lives of many.

It’s not just man’s best friend we’re celebrating! No matter how big or small, animals’ devotion to us shines through in every shape and size. Commendations have been received by Roary the rabbit for enriching companionship, Kenny the kitty for raising a fire alarm and Smoke the donkey for his remarkable therapy to military members.

If we were to give our office dogs, Constance and Freddie an award – Connie would win for being the most laidback dog we’ve ever known and Freddie would be awarded the most hyperactive!