This year, I applied to get some work experience at Approach. I am a Year 13 student in Matlock, Derbyshire and I’m currently studying, Art, English Literature and English Language.

At school, we were encouraged to find a work experience placement for the summer holidays. In a rush, I ended up at a bridal shop, cutting pieces of fabric all day long for wedding dresses. Although it was aesthetically pleasing, I was not in my element. I decided to do some deeper research into future potential careers which I would enjoy and came across public relations.

Before starting, I had some knowledge of PR but didn’t expect it to entail so much more, including social media and blogs. I’ve never had a set idea for what career I would like to eventually go in to and I’ve been indecisive on the matter for a while, so when I found PR gives me an opportunity to be creative and develop my writing skills, it gave a graceful nod in my direction.

I have really enjoyed working at Approach, there is something very exciting about immersing yourself into a fast-paced and ever-evolving environment where you are always kept up to date with news, sales and deals for clients around the nation.

During my experience, I have supported with social media planning, which I have particularly enjoyed as I could get creative writing tweets in a chatty style with humour, hashtags and GIFs. I’m particular looking forward to seeing my tweets released for interiors and retails brands in the upcoming weeks, as part of the team’s wider strategies.

I have developed many skills from my experience here such as writing in different styles to suit specific audiences. I have also gained confidence, although it did help that the team I worked with were very friendly and welcoming and always ensured I had a challenge to tackle.

I found this work experience very useful and it allowed me to have a real taste for PR, which I will definitely consider and explore further.

I would certainly recommend experience at Approach for anyone interested in PR or who enjoys being creative and writing.

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