Hello there, we’re Freddie and Constance the office dogs.

We’re fundamental to the day-to-day running of Approach. Our cute faces and wagging tails inspire the team to create paw-some PR and social media campaigns!

Our minders have asked us to write a blog explaining how we, as office pets, ensure the smooth running of the business and create a productive, positive working environment.

We believe every office needs a pet (even if it has to be a cat!) to reduce stress and encourage healthy lifestyles – I mean, we need taking out AT LEAST twice a day to make sure we don’t make a mess in our lovely offices!

Here’s what we get up to during a normal working day…

8.00am – Constance’s Dad takes us for a long walk down by Ilkley river so we can wake up and make sure we’re ready for the day ahead!

9.30am – We get into the office and say hello to all the lovely ladies at Approach (our favourites are Suzanne and Rebekha… but shh don’t tell!). They are currently having a ‘spring’ to kick-start the day so we (try to) keep quiet and look cute while they finish.

10.00am – Breakfast time! (our favourite time of the day)

10.30am – Nap time. We’ve had a busy morning so far so it’s definitely time for a lie down in the sunny spot by the window.

12.00noon – It’s time for another stroll and it’s the turn of our mums. We have a woof-derful run around and meet some fellow furry friends on our way too.

1.00pm – Lunch time – our second favourite time of day! Today we’ve been a good boy and girl so Keith from Pinnacle upstairs has treated us to some sausages and a pork pie… but best not to tell our mums.

1.30pm – We catch some of the team taking their lunch breaks too so it’s time to play. Our favourite toy is the pink flamingo or we do love tennis balls. We help them de-stress and give them an opportunity to take a break from their computers – this is essential for a productive afternoon.

2.00pm – As the team settles back down to work, it’s nap time again – it’s been a long day.

3.30pm – Time to spy on The Grove. Our favourite office hobby is to watch our friends through the window which are just the right height for a peek outside.

4.00pm – We get picked up by Melissa and Ben when they finish school for more walkies, treats and cuddles! We say bye to the team, wishing them a lovely evening with a wag of the tail and a paw – they can’t resist our puppy eyes.

Woof, woof!


If you are interested in finding out more about working hard like these guys get in touch with us about possible career opportunities.