With March around the corner, the race to Easter is on. As a team of self-professed chocoholics, Approach Towers have a keen eye on which chocolate campaigns are writing the headlines this year!

It is no surprise that confectionary giants such as Mars are leading the way as they come up with innovative tactics to target customers. A society that obsesses over sweet treats during this period, different brands are fighting their way to gain our attention.


Playing on people’s moods, Mars have been going above and beyond to gage fan’s feelings through their use of Spotify. The chocolate company is focusing on genres of music people listen to at particular times in the day, along with tracking the use of ‘hungry’ emojis online, in the hopes of finding when’s best to present their adverts to hungry customers.


Over on the other side of the world, Maltesers, have begun an exciting campaign involving hunting down Maltesers’ famous chocolate bunnies. Prizes are rewarded as people race around taking part in this exhilarating challenge with the knowledge that they could win £5,000. Partnering with Snapchat, the Mars Wrigley brand have created a Pokémon Go-Like idea, encouraging customers of all ages to go on a scavenger hunt.

Nestlé will have a tough act to follow this year. With their very successful Easter Nestlé: Alice campaign of 2019, they were able to tap into how the holiday makes you feel by highlighting the fun child-like nature of Easter. This drift from the usual chocolate centred campaigns causes people to think about how the holiday is about more than just sweet treats and associates the brand with those warm fuzzy feelings.

Haribo previously sold limited edition Haribo Starmix packets where fans had the opportunity to win a UK family holiday, all by being lucky and finding a double yolker. This #HuntTheDoubleYolker competition is a great example of how non-chocolate brands can gain popularity at a particularly chocolate time of year and use social media to increase the reach of their campaign.

Businesses like Ikea have also been successful with seasonal campaigns. They have previously used what they are universally known for, flat packing, to create a flatpack Easter bunny named Vårkänsla! It also came with instructions on how to build a 3D chocolate bunny. This creative, fun idea is a great example of a company using a campaign to showcase what they’re best at.

Another business you might not expect to have read about at Easter is the beer brand, Carlsberg! They ran an entertaining Easter campaign about how a bar is the only chocolate bar people need this holiday. The #IfCarlsbergDidChocolateBars campaign shone as people enjoyed the witty personality of the brand.

Many companies are breaking through the ‘norm’ to deliver new and exciting campaigns involving experiences and competitions to entice customers.

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