Earlier this year we announced we’d be dedicating a healthy 2015 to raising vital funds and awareness for Leeds-based, national charity Heart Research UK.

In the months that have followed we have:

  • Given ourselves healthy eating challenges (an easy task you might think, but we had to put a firm padlock on the biscuit jar come 3pm!) to make sure we’re getting enough of the ‘good stuff’ for a healthy heart
  • Taken part in afternoon mindfulness sessions to maintain a calm and productive atmosphere
  • Completed ‘deskercises’ to get moving in the office
  • Spent a therapeutic morning at Heart Research UK’s Joseph Wells base helping to assemble runner packs for families taking part in Subway Helping Hearts™ Family 5K Series(there’s still time to register!)
  • Put our heads together to plan an active event for our fellow Ilkley dwellers – keep your eyes peeled for this one, it’s coming soon!

It’s also been wonderful to see the businesses of Ilkley come together in helping to raise money for such a worthwhile charity. Our on-going thanks to the below businesses for offering up checkout-space for a HRUK collection pot:

Every last penny donated to HRUK goes towards research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease and we’re pleased to say our own office collection pot is nearly full to the brim.

So, what’s next for our #HealthyHeartApproach? The next few months will be dedicated to organising a lunchtime event coming up in September – we’d love to have you all involved and will keep you posted with the details. You might event spot the Approach team marching through Ilkley dressed in bright green before then…

For the rest of the year we’ll be continuing our work with Heart Research UK through office challenges as well as fundraising and awareness-building.

Look out for the #HealthyHeartApproach hashtag on Twitter to see what we’re up to and do drop into one of our fellow Ilkley businesses mentioned above.


Keep those hearts pumping!