This week, Shona and I are delivering a workshop at the Bradford Chamber of Commerce, unleashing our toolkit of PR and social media know-how on the businesses of Bradford.

While we won’t give away our workshop secrets just yet, here are three top tips to consider while you’re planning to amplify your business news.


When ‘they’ say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” ‘they’ really mean it. We can’t count the number of times journalists have fedback on some of our creative, colourful and illustrative press shots on behalf of clients – and how they’ve taken a potential NIB story (news-in-brief) to be a page lead.

Check out our blog post on ten essential tips for getting great images which includes everything from prop advice to what not to do!


PR and social media activity can take time, and it’s an often cited reason from businesses we speak to for not undertaking their own communications campaigns – they just don’t have the time.

Rather than seeing it as a time-consuming add-on, plan in PR as an integrated part of your business strategy. How are you going to grow, develop and nurture your business without reputation management, relationship building and creating awareness of the great work you and your team are doing?


It’s easy to be afraid of sending that first tweet or picking up the phone to a journalist, but the more you do it and the more it becomes part of your daily activity and business strategy, the easier it becomes.

Set goals and time-frames so you can measure your own success and note potential improvements. If there are areas you’re unsure of or new developments you want to be the first to adopt, explore training options with the experts or networking groups with your peers to talk about how your industry is moving forward.

We’re looking forward to exploring more of the PR toolkit with delegates attending the Learning Lunch at Bradford Chamber. If you can’t make it and would like a helping hand with PR or social media, ask us about our bespoke training options.

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)