Here at Approach, we know the benefits of successfully managing engaging and interactive social media campaigns for our clients, across a variety of platforms. We enjoy connecting with different audiences and being creative with content for a range of B2C and B2B accounts.

An important aspect of creating winning content is to monitor your competitors’ accounts to stay ahead of the game. However tracking competitor engagement can take up a lot of time that you may not have!

Luckily, there are dedicated tools to help track competitor engagement and also analyse how you can improve engagement and growth.

These are our top 4 tools that might come in handy and are helpful for time management.

Fanpage Karma 

Fanpage Karma has a free version that analyses one Facebook page and allows you to track engagement and weekly growth alongside your chosen competitors.

Analytics show:

  • Average weekly growth
  • Like/retweets
  • Engagement
  • Posts/Tweets per day
  • Conversations
  • Number of fans

There are additional features of Fanpage Karma which can be accessed through their monthly subscription options.


Likealyzer is a great tool if Facebook is your priority social media account. It allows you to analyse any Facebook page and gives various results on how to increase engagement and gain page likes.

It’s great because you can enter any page URL for instant analysis – helpful if you have time to look into your competitors results and compare them against your own.

Analytics show:

  • Suggestions on how to improve content – add videos/pictures etc.
  • The best times to post
  • Page performance including:
  • Average likes and comments
  • Posts per day
  • Check ins


The free version of this tool uses your Twitter login to report analytics, similar to Twitter’s own analysis section but offering additional features.

Analytics show:

  • Statistics including likes, retweets etc.
  • Monitor other user’s timelines but not their specific stats
  • Allows you to see the location of anyone that has mentioned your Twitter account – offering geographical insight

After a free trial, there are additional features of Twitonomy which can be accessed through their monthly subscription options.

Rival IQ 

This tool detects which social media channels your competitors use just by entering their website URL. Using this information, it shows your own social engagement compared to the average between competitors.

Analytics show:

  • Track up to 20 companies
  • Social tracking on 6 channels
  • Boosted posts from competitors
  • Top posts and engagements for each
  • Comparison lists for each social channel
  • Email alerts when a competitor has a positioning change or breakout social post
  • Multiple users

After a free trial, there are additional features of Rival IQ which can be accessed through their monthly subscription options.

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Image sourced from Pexels.