Yorkshire welcomes the two day event on the 5th and 6th of July 2014. Bringing flocks of visitors, Ilkley can anticipate a surge of international guests coming to experience what we offer.

With an audience in excess of 3.5 billion, the Tour De France will attract many visitors to Yorkshire and 30% of these visitors will be from overseas.

So what can we do to welcome our guests from around the globe? Here are our top tips so you and your business can make the most of this exciting summer event.

Give your business an international flair– Why not create some new and exciting products which will give your shop, café or restaurant an international feel. Whether that is offering new continental cupcakes, tasty exotic dishes or fancy French interior pieces make our guests feel at home and give our residents something fresh to try.  You could also decorate your displays giving them an international look using flags and banners to draw in visitors and keep the Ilkley streets looking colourful.

Tweet your support- Show that you and your business are supporting and getting involved with this great event. This can be done using social media. Tweet about the action and post pictures from our local events. Share that you are enjoying all that the Tour De France 2014 is bringing to our town.

Indulge yourselves in continental customs– Make a brilliant first impression! Perhaps learn some French phrases and take the time to immerse yourselves in the cultures of your future international guests. Use google translate to make signs for your door as a welcome.

Give the best that Yorkshire can offer – Finally show your visitors why Yorkshire and especially Ilkley is the place to be not only this summer but for summers to come. Give them that famous Yorkshire charm and highlight the best we have.

The Tour De France 2014 offers an excellent opportunity to increase the reputation of our town and showcase everything we have.  Let’s keep the Tour De France buzz going around Ilkley!