Working in a PR agency, it’s important to stay productive during the nine-to-five day. You never know when a journalist will call for comment for tomorrow’s paper or a client will email with an urgent award entry.

To keep the team at Approach Towers motivated, we have some top industry tricks to get the office buzzing.

  1. Spring into the day!

We kick-start with a morning ‘spring’, the idea being to spring board the team into a productive day where we can talk through ideas, problems and solutions which help get the creative juices flowing and spark new thoughts. This is fast paced and kept to a maximum 15 minutes.

  1. Ding that bell!

The victory bell is placed at the centre of the Approach hub and is rung when press coverage is achieved, new clients are won, business leads are created and social media targets are hit. We find this is very rewarding and truly sparks employee drive.

  1. Get the team together

Every quarter, we have a team meeting reviewing individual, team and business goals alongside celebrating our successes and discussing the future of the business. Including staff in morale-boosting discussions like these makes for a tight-knit team – a promise of caffeine and biscuits always helps too. Other team get-togethers include regular socials such as meals out on the business and attending award events, where staff can see their hard-work rewarded.

  1. Fresh air

The team can often get caught up in deadlines so we encourage a brisk walk at lunch time to get fresh air.  This can revitalise the brain, giving a new sense of energy. It’s something we truly advocate here at Approach but if you really think you’re glued to your desk make sure you take a breather and step away from the computer to make a drink and grab a snack – we tend to keep a supply of fruit and biscuits! Last year we even hosted, ‘Get Ilkley Walking’, a campaign to encourage local businesses to take part in a heart-racing outdoor activity during their working day. The event saw employees from 30 local businesses get together for a ‘netwalking’ trail up Ilkley Moor over lunch.

  1. Office activities

To maintain motivation and productivity, we also have Mindful Mondays and Wellbeing Wednesdays where we take turns to host inspiring, thought provoking activities such as “Deskercise” and using the “Headspace” app. At the end of the week the team enjoys Full Fat Fridays – being upstairs from the famous Yorkshire icon, Bettys Tea Rooms, a nice treat every now and then, gives a final productivity boost to see the team through to the weekend.


Image sourced from Pixabay