This year, Approach has been named ‘Outstanding Small PR Consultancy’ in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, announced ‘Small Business of the Year’ at our local business awards and I’ve had the personal honour of being asked to be vice president of Bradford Chamber.

Along with eight new business wins, two incredibly talented new members of staff and more than 100 hours spent working with local charities to mark our 16 years in business, it’s been quite the year for Approach.

So as we finish, tired but happy, for the Christmas holidays, I’ve put together my ‘five gold things’ to help you navigate through the next 12 months of business…

  • Be passionate. Passion is power. It helps you push your comfort zones, be an inspiring leader and it’s contagious… our clients KNOW we’re passionate about their businesses. We believe in them and they believe in us
  • Network. Business is about relationships and after 16 years’ membership of Bradford Chamber I can honestly say that stepping away from the office and getting involved has been key to our growth, awareness and to feeling supported
  • Be yourself. You can get lost in trying to be who you think people want to see. If you’re true to yourself and be the person you’d want to do business with, you’ll bring an authenticity that people want to be around
  • Look after your staff. They really are your greatest asset. Appraisals, career plans, rewards, recognition and team building creates a team that loves to work rather than works to live
  • Humility – as a leader you don’t always have all the answers. Employ the best, trust in your team and give them the freedom to develop their strengths. It’s motivating for them and liberating for you